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MTALL, with a 30-year commercial history in the iron and steel sector, is a dynamic and rooted company operating both nationally and internationally. Adapting to the constantly changing and globalizing world, the company continues its activities in the industry without slowing down, in line with technological and cultural developments. MTALL conducts domestic and international sales of a wide range of iron and steel products, including Erdemir products such as "hot-rolled coil, pressure vessels, boiler plate, P265 GH: 6341 Erdemir Quality, P355 GH: 6352 Erdemir Quality, P295 GH: 6347 Erdemir Quality, H1 and H2, cold-rolled coil, galvanized, packaged plate, sheet pipe, profile, and other iron and steel products." Our fundamental vision is to provide corporate service quality in the iron and steel sector for societal benefit; and our core mission is to continue this commitment under any circumstances. Our goal is to offer quality and distinctive services in addition to cutting, slicing, packaging, and storage services for materials, as well as transportation and logistics. Our international market objective is to meet our customers' product and service demands with a flawless service network within the framework of a perfectionist quality approach. MTALL aims to be a highly credible and trusted brand in both the national and international markets, reflecting its efforts and dedication.

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The challenging competitive conditions in the Flat Steel sector and the increased awareness of customers' changing needs and expectations make it imperative to continuously improve and enhance both products and services. Evaluating the demands and expectations in the industry with intensive experience and expert insight in an objective manner; our goal is to create loyal customers by ensuring customer satisfaction through a dynamic, innovative, and progressive approach that constantly improves and enhances both products and services.

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