News Revolution in the Steel Industry

Advantages; Corrosion resistance: It provides an excellent corrosion resistance as it protects the metal in the nature of the zinc in the coating by establishing a barrier against corrosive elements. The best service life depends on the thickness of the coating and the severity of the environment (humid, salty, etc.). Excellent surface appearance: C surface quality is used without any problems in visible surface applications. Formability: Galvanized steels are easily used in the production of parts where extra deep drawing and bending are required.

Paintability: It is paintable after correct pre-treatments (surface treatments, degreasing, etc.). Weldability: Can be welded by many known welding processes. Galvanized products have more improved spot weldability than galvanized products. General Application Areas; In the construction industry, hot-dip galvanized/galvanized steels are used in various applications such as roofs, doors, fences, profiles in different coating thicknesses, depending on the atmospheric conditions of the area to be applied and the desired corrosion resistance. With the use of galvanized sheets used on invisible (inner) surfaces in the white goods sector, also on visible (external) surfaces, a large part of white goods products started to be produced from galvanized sheets.

Revolution in the Steel Industry
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